Re-Post....Decorating with Herbs

Decorating with Herbs

Dried Herbs

  • Bunches of dried herbs suspended from a pot rack call to mind old-fashioned country cottages. Trim the bunches with ribbon in colors that match your kitchen for a romantic look. Cut long stems of herbs such as oregano, dill, lavender and rosemary. Gather into bunches and wrap the stems with rubber bands. The rubber bands will tighten as the stems shrink as they dry, keeping the bunches together. Cover the rubber band with a ribbon bow and hang the bunches upside down from the pot rack. As the herbs dry, they'll scent the air. Snip off what you need as you cook.

  • Bottled Herbs

  • Collect various shapes and sizes of glass bottles and fill them with olive oil or vinegar, to which you add dried herbs. Use old condiment bottles or decorative glass bottles from craft stores. Tie ribbon or raffia bows around the bottles. A row of these bottles on a windowsill, shelf or counter top is both colorful and practical. Use the flavored oils and vinegars in salad dressings and sauces.

  • Wreaths or Swags

  • Make a wreath or a swag to go over a window or door from herbs. Attach bunches of different kinds of herbs to a straw wreath form with florist's wire. Layer the herbs all the way around the wreath and finish with a raffia or ribbon bow. For a swag, attach bunches of herbs to a grapevine arch. Mix and match different colors and textures of herbs.

  • Dried Arrangements

  • Arrange dried herbs in bouquets in stoneware jugs or old canning jars. Mix different colors and textures of herbs, such as lavender, oregano and yarrow. You can also pin springs of dried herbs to the ribbon around the crown of a straw hat for a casual wall decoration.

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