Stuffed buns /Pains Farcis

Stuffed buns 

To make this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:
1 1/2 dozen salad rolls
1 pound of ground pork
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1 can of Gumbo soup (Campbell's)
1 C. dry mustard
3 c. chili sauce
1 C. Worchestershire sauce tea
Fry the onions, add the minced pork, salt and pepper.

Pains Farcis  

Pour réaliser cette Recette, vous aurez besoin des ingrédients suivants:
1 1/2 douzaine de petits pain à salade
1 livre de porc haché
1 oignon moyen haché fin
1 boîte de soupe Gumbo (Campbell’s)
1 c. à table de moutarde sèche
3 c. à table de sauce Chili
1 c. thé de sauce Worchestershire
Frire les oignons, ajouter le porc haché, sel et poivre.

Vitamin Water Infusions

Creating your own vitamin water is one of the simplest things to do! All you need is some fruit, herbs and water and you are set. Don't settle for the "vitamin waters" you might notice in grocery stores. Those waters are full of artificial chemical flavourings, plenty of refined sugar and bone dissolving acids all of which promote illness and disease.  Making your own vitamin water infusions is quick and easy! They are packed with natural vitamins and minerals (not synthetic alterations of them) and thus they are better recognized and utilized in the body. Make sure to create larger batches so that these waters will last you all throughout the week! Directions: 1. Pick a non-citrus fruit - I like to pick things like berries, kiwi, mango or pineapple.  2. Pick a citrus fruit - you can choose from orange slices to lemon or lime slices! 3. Add herbs - choose things like mint, rosemary, basil or other favourite herbs Once you have decided on the combinat…

Fruit Cordials

I found these wonderful recipes in the Herb Mentor website. Check them out You will find many good tips about Herbs over there!
There are three main steps to making cordials.
Steeping - in this step, the ingredients are steeped in the alcohol (usually vodka or brandy, but you can try anything you like).
Sweetening - typically a sugar syrup is used, but maple syrup is a great substitute.  Honey can also be used.
Aging - The flavors all improve tremendously with age.  Generally 2 to 4 weeks is good.  I like to leave mine longer, if possible.

Here are some recipes to get you going:
Wild Blackberry Cordial- Christy Sarles (
Pick enough berries to fill a clean glass jar in the size of your choice at least a third, and up to a half, full. I use about two quarts of berries for a gallon of cordial. If those lovely wild blackberries don't grow in your neighborhood, you can substitute raspberries or blueberries. The little wild blueberries will give your cordial a more…

White tea health benefits

Jun 6, 2010 Deanna Lynn Sletten
White tea comes from the same species of plant (Camellia sinensis) as green, black and oolong tea but is processed differently to give it a softer, smoother flavor. Although fewer studies have been done on white tea as compared to green tea, the studies on white tea have shown it to be more effective in preventing certain diseases as well as being an overall healthier choice.
Why White Tea May be Healthier than Green Tea White tea is produced mainly in China from the Camellia sinensis plant but this particular species contains more buds than leaves. The buds and young leaves are picked, steamed immediately and dried, allowing for the freshest tea possible. The processing of green tea involves the picking of mature leaves that are then steamed or fried and then rolled. The extra processing of the green tea leaves is believed to take away from its health benefits. Researchers from Oregon State University who studied the…

How to soothe your stomach troubles with medicinal thyme

Popular in Greek cooking, thyme also has a long history as a healing plant — its essential oil is a powerful antiseptic, which is why soldiers used to bathe in thyme tea to soothe wounds and clean cuts and scrapes. Modern science has confirmed that thyme kills fungus and bacteria that can cause infections. The herb can also be found in stomach tonics thanks to its soothing antispasmodic effect, which helps muscles — including stomach muscles — relax.

Here are six reasons to make like the Spartans and get some thyme into your diet.

1. Thyme is antibacterial: Thyme contains an essential oil called thymol, which can be used as a surface antibacterial agent. It's also a great natural addition to your first-aid kit as an antiseptic and digestive aid.

2. This herb is high in antioxidants: Thyme contains some of the highest levels of natural flavonoids and polyphenols, beating out other herbs like oregano, marjoram and basil. Try adding some fresh thyme to your sa…


From Herb Companion newsletter

Try These Floral Waters and Colognes:
Eau de Cologne
Quick and Easy Rosewater
Lavender Water Voile
Summer Garden Cologne
Hungary Water Cologne

Creating your own lightly scented waters and colognes is as easy as picking your favorite flower. Scented waters are some of the oldest toiletries created to stimulate, please and entertain our sense of smell. Ancient Egyptians used scented oils to perfume their bodies and lift their spirits. In the 10th century, the practice of oil distillation was perfected and the perfume industry took shape.

Scented oils are simple to create. You can distill your scent, capturing the essential oils from fresh flower petals on your stovetop. Or you can mix your favorite essential oils with water to create a light and delicate scent. Use these scented products alone as a perfume or as an addition to your favorite bath or beauty recipe. Fresh rosewater makes a wonderful addition to …

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