Mar 15, 2017

Healing Salves

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Herbs for Healthy Lungs

 These plants have been used for centuries, from Traditional Chinese Medicine to Native American Remedies, to clear the respiratory system and have it working properly. These herbs not only boost your health but have the ability to heal infections and repair damage to your lungs.

Backyard dry creek Idea

Would love to add this to my Backyard !!! 

Honey Wraps

Coughs and colds may not be the worst ailment that you will ever deal with, but you sure have to do something to relieve the symptoms. Coughing is always irritating, and sleepless nights are never fun.
A cough syrup is the most common remedy people use, but it sure is not the best option. This pharmaceutical solution is packed with codeine and dextromethorphan. These two cause headaches, rapid heartbeat and drowsiness.
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