May 16, 2010

Different Types of Ferns

Different Types of Ferns
ds_matthew9522 Contributor
By Mark Orwell, eHow Contributing Writer

Ferns are low-lying shrug plants that are often added to yards and gardens for aesthetic purposes. There are over 20,000 species of ferns that grow in various regions of the world. In fact, the only parts of the world that don't grow ferns are the arctic regions. Even deserts have species of ferns that are designed to grow in dry, arid climates. The following are just a few of the types of ferns you may encounter.

Lady Fern

1. Lady ferns have been a popular house fern since Victorian times. They have green, perennial leaves, and are found in deciduous forests in North America and Eurasia.

Sensitive Fern

2. Sensitive ferns are medium to large-sized, and found in wet marshlands and humid forests; it got its name from being very sensitive to frost.

Cinnamon Fern

3. These ferns are noted for their cinnamon-colored fiddleheads that grow out of the center of the plant. They are eaten by both hummingbirds and the rough grouse.

Bracken Fern

4. Bracken ferns are large and found all over the world, except in Antarctica. They are considered problematic by some for their tendency to obscure and damage archaeological sites.

Staghorn Fern

5. Staghorn ferns are found in tropical jungle climates in Asia and South America. They are often found growing high up in trees.
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