Sep 23, 2011

7 healing weeds from your backyard

Kate Blair
Sometimes the best remedy for what ails you is right under your nose. Here are 7 healing weeds you might want to keep around.
Don't toss those weeds you pull from your garden -- and don't even think about zapping them with a nasty pesticide. Made into a salad, tea or tonic, certain weeds have health benefits worth harvesting. (Note: check with your doctor or pharmacist before consuming any herb, and be sure to ascertain that the plant is what you think it is -- many can be poisonous!).
1. Dandelion

1. Dandelion

Lawn-lovers may curse this common, yellow-bloomed plant, but cooks have long valued dandelion leaves for their sharp, bitter-green flavour. But these leaves are also good for you -- they contain calcium as well as vitamins A, B2, C and K, and can help stimulate digestion. 

In addition, dandelion roots contain unulin and levulin, which can help balance your blood sugar and therefore offer diabetes-fighting effects. Typically, roots are prepared by cleaning and roasting them, then steeped in hot water to make a "coffee" or tea.

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