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Jul 23, 2016

Mon 2 semaines plan de vacances

Comme de nombreux travailleurs sont en vacances pour les prochaines semaines (bien méritée)
 Mon plan est de prendre soin de moi ici , à la maison d' abord et avant tout arrêter de fumer AGAIN !!! apprendre ce que les aliments et les boissons qui me aideront à cesser de fumer et à réparer mon corps. Commencer à marcher! Débarrasser la maison de produits chimiques my!
Pour moi rester à la maison et de détente est ce que je dois le plus. Huh !!! Je sais que mes amis qui lisent ce sont probablement dire ne pas rester toujours à la maison de toute façon Oui , je sais ce que je veux dire est les prochaines semaines restent à la maison et de se concentrer sur moi!
Tous les encouragements serait apprécié que je suis un très influençable de ne pas cesser de fumer tous et toutes les petites excuses sont mon problème!
Commentaire ci - dessous si vous voulez
Merci xxx

My 2 week vacation plan

As many workers are on Vacation for the next few weeks (well deserved)

 My plan is to take care of me here at home  first and foremost QUIT Smoking AGAIN !!! learn what foods and beverages that will help me to quit and to repair my body . Start walking ! Rid my home of chemicals !
To me staying home and relaxing is what I need most of all. Huh!!! I know friends of mine who are reading this are probably saying don't you always stay home anyways Yes Yes I know  what I mean is the next few weeks stay home and concentrate on me !
all encouragement would be appreciated I am a very easily influenced to not quit smoking all and any small excuses are my problem !
Comment below if you want
Thank You xxx

Home Remedies for Phlegm

How to Deal with CO

Jul 10, 2016

Cayenne Pepper

Grow  your own Cayenne pepper . Then dry them be sure to remove the seeds and all white parts, dry them in oven at 150.(warm) setting . once dry, crush and store in an air tight jar . The taste of these homemade spices are fantastic .

Herb Gardens

Its not too late to start a herb garden /besides they can always be brought indoors later on/ Having
your own favorite herbs is so much better then store bought .Fresh is always better! I usually find my herb plants at the grocery store but of course your local nursery will also have them . I like the idea of using pallets to grow them but they can be planted in pots to etc...
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