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Feb 10, 2016

so many plans for gardening this summer

Oh I am so anxious for Spring  my plan is to take part of my flower gardens and turning them into vegetable patches yes patches . here and there . My yard has many large trees so I will have to divide my vegetables all over the place to find enough sun to give the vegetable a good chance to grow. I have been reading about using branches as a base for hill gardens, and also I may try bail gardens to not sure if I will this year but maybe next summer . I plan on posting my gardens as the summer goes by, on my

Ever feel like running away ?

Like I said do you ever feel like running away well take a look at the link below .I would love to go spend time in a tiny house not to live for ever but just for awhile/ total De-connect . Just take the time to look around , relax ,eat well good homemade healthy foods and stay away from public places just for awhile. But my  reality does not make this possible or now ,but someday I will take the time !!! .

Feb 9, 2016

10 Reasons To Have a Himalayan Salt Lamp in Every Room of Your Home

How about having a source of fresh and clean air in your room that naturally glows? Can you think of anything that can do this? The answer is the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp. You can compare it to keeping your window open to fresh air. It can be kept in your living room, on the desk, in your bedroom or anywhere you are going to spend your time.
But before you find out more about the health benefits offered by Himalayan pink salt lamps, it will be best to take some chemistry lesson.

Molecules are the basic building blocks in matter. Matter can be anything – air, water and even our body is matter.

Each molecule itself has atoms, which further has 3 types of particles:

  • Electrons (they are negatively charged)
  • Protons (positively charged)
  • Neutrons (without any charge)
Everyone must have heard about these particles at least once.
The electrons keep revolving around their molecules just like our earth revolves around the sun. Sometimes an electron can get detached from a molecule. This leads to the creation of a positive-charged ion. This ion then keeps looking for an electron to fill up the gap. It is likely to steal away this electron from some other molecule.
Molecular structure comprises of the number of electrons in the molecule’s outermost orbit, the electron bonds and strength. But this structure varies between materials, and some are more likely to lose their electrons.
Now that you have gone through this brief lesson about how negative and positive ions behave, it will be easier for you to understand the top ten benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp.

Feb 6, 2016

Herbal Wine pages I found

Do you know what I really love? Wine.
Do you know what I love even more? Herbal wine!
You can drink it without the guilt. After all, herbal wines have been used as medicine for thousands of years dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. Alcohols help to break down the medicinal constituents of herbs and plants which makes them more bio-available to the body.
If you want to make your own herbal wines then pick up a good bottle of wine from your local store, gather all the herbs you need, and then follow the tutorial revealed here…

How To Make Your Own Herbal Wine


Herbal wines
date back thousands of years. Egyptian wine jars have been found with residues of herbs and resins. It makes sense, as we now know that alcohol breaks down the medicinal constituents of plants, making it more bio-available to the body. That’s why we make alcohol extracts as herbal tinctures to deliver botanical chemicals to our body. The famous 12th century German mystic, Hildegard of Bingen, recommended herbal wines such as lung wort wine for emphysema, honey-parsley wine for heart pain, and unsweetened lavender wine for congested liver. Bitters infused in alcohol have been used in Europe for several hundred years. They usually contain bitter herbs that help with digestion by stimulating bile juices. Bitters have also been traditionally added to beer for the same reason.  Angostura Bitters are a famous member of this category and are well-used in hundres of cocktails for a splash of complexity, and to this day only 5 people in the world know the well-kept secret of the herbs used in this special recipe. Though this mixture was hoped to help soldiers in WWI suffering from severe fevers and digestive disorders, it now serves to enliven many of our most special happy hour drinks today. Bitters are usually made with alcohols other than wines, but it might be fun to experiment with bitter herbs when making a more medicinal wine.
There are lots of super tasty concoctions that can be made in your own kitchen. I often make herbal simple syrups to add to gin or vodka drinks for something herbaceous, but it’s really fun to go directly to the source and create an alcoholic beverage that is lively and complex all on its own! This is why going the herbal wine route is worthwhile. Most people can afford a decent white or red wine to start with.
Making Herbal Wines
1. Place Herbs in a bottle (1 oz herbs to 1 pint wine)
2. Pour wine over herbs to fill the bottle (generally a ‘sweeter’ wine w/ about 12% alcohol)
3. Cap tightly and shake well
4. Store in a cool, dark place
5. Shake well every day for 2 weeks
6. Strain herbs.
7. Add sugar or honey to taste (optional), particularly for liqueurs
8. Some liqueurs need maturation time, in which case you might wait a month or more.
NOTE: herbal wines should last about a year. Herbal liqueurs may last longer.

Rose Petal Wine
(Medicinal Uses: for headaches, heart disease, stomach pain & fever)
600 g rose petals (Rugosa preferred), dried and not sprayed
10 liters combination grape juice and young wine OR all young wine
1. Tie rose petals in a small bag & place in a container with the liquids
2. Infuse in a dark place (covered) for 3 months
3. Filter, pour into a sterilized bottle or jar and store again.

Other sources

Feb 5, 2016

Live within your means (images)

Sometimes pictures say it all !

Jan 26, 2016

Natural fragrances

Just saw this on my FB page  thought I would share this here it is from Brightside I love their page

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