Gardening Spring/Summer 2018

As I watch the snow melt here in Quebec, I can't help but dream about the good weather that's coming! Along with good weather comes gardens , I do not have tons of sunny spaces at my home but I do have some . I always plan on making the most of my small space .I look for plants that are the most profitable to grow for us .Face it carrots ,radishes etc... are a waste of space for me and for many people .But they are fun to grow I know.  So if you have room for them great and it is always fun to have your kids watch them grow since they come up so fast .
Anyways in my case Tomatoes ,Bell peppers , Beets. and of course Herbs. are my priority .Though the herbs can always be added to containers. or mixed in with the flower beds (which I will come back with at another time).
Hopefully we will have time this year to make raised beds . 60 this year lol it will be appreciated! (that to I will post about soon) not the 60 part haha!
So until then I can only dream and watch the snow melts .
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