Lung Support

As you may know by reading my posts I have LUNG problems. (COPD).Years of smoking and being
around second hand smoke is the cause of this disease.
I am struggling to quit smoking I have quit in the past but unfortunately started  back up !
I now am back on track and not smoking again.
I realize that the damage cannot be reversed but this does not mean their is no hope we can improve our condition by taking long slow walks, eating well. I have heard that Beet Root is good for the lungs.Staying away from people with colds as it can cause us to get pneumonia ! which can be very dangerous for us. I believe very much in taking Echinacea supplements ! to fight off germs seems to help me with my immune system. Another unpleasant side effect to COPD is Depression and Fatigue.
This can be helped by using LUNG Support Essential Oils 
Also for Congestion , Sore Throats, Mucus relief . This is also very helpful BREATH Essential Oil
I recommend to listen to the videos on the two links I added . 
I hope by telling my story and adding what I do to help my COPD will help you also.
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