Apr 12, 2016

New ! LayzeeBeeCandles

Very pleased with my new Candles here on Life on Maple Grove 

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100% Pure Natural Beeswax




All LayZee Bee Candles are made with 100% beeswax and unlike other traditional candle waxes such as soy or paraffin, our premium quality beeswax candles are pure and 100% natural. Beeswax has an extremely long burn time, highest melting point of all known waxes, and burns clean with no black sooty smoke.

Aroma & Fragrance Oil


Our fragrance and aromatherapy oils are uniquely formulated with premium blends that go through a vigorous selection process. You can select from many available aromatherapy and fragrant oils to add to any candle and all our premium oils are pure and never diluted, ensuring pure quality.

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