Mar 25, 2016

Only 6 days left

Only 6 days left to take advantage of the 20$ gift certificate when you join me with Watkins JR Watkins Join with Deborah Smith Consultant #541260
JOING IS 19.95 (Gift Certficat 20$ ) pretty good deal I would think smile emoticon
No minimum sales required to stay an active member !
If you want to join with me I can honestly tell you that you will have all the help you need. If I cannot answer your questions my sponsor Tamara will help she has been in this business for years and has always been there for me with all my questions . And I can assure you that by joining Watkins you will never ever be pressured to sell or buy if you don't want with Watkins you become your own boss. You and you only know what is the best way to run your business.
Have a great day !
hope to hear from you soon
Deborah Smith JR Watkins consultant #541260

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