10 Reasons To Have a Himalayan Salt Lamp in Every Room of Your Home

How about having a source of fresh and clean air in your room that naturally glows? Can you think of anything that can do this? The answer is the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp. You can compare it to keeping your window open to fresh air. It can be kept in your living room, on the desk, in your bedroom or anywhere you are going to spend your time.
But before you find out more about the health benefits offered by Himalayan pink salt lamps, it will be best to take some chemistry lesson.

Molecules are the basic building blocks in matter. Matter can be anything – air, water and even our body is matter.

Each molecule itself has atoms, which further has 3 types of particles:

  • Electrons (they are negatively charged)
  • Protons (positively charged)
  • Neutrons (without any charge)
Everyone must have heard about these particles at least once.
The electrons keep revolving around their molecules just like our earth revolves around the sun. Sometimes an electron can get detached from a molecule. This leads to the creation of a positive-charged ion. This ion then keeps looking for an electron to fill up the gap. It is likely to steal away this electron from some other molecule.
Molecular structure comprises of the number of electrons in the molecule’s outermost orbit, the electron bonds and strength. But this structure varies between materials, and some are more likely to lose their electrons.
Now that you have gone through this brief lesson about how negative and positive ions behave, it will be easier for you to understand the top ten benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp.

1. Clean & Deodorized Air

The No.1 reason Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps (HPS lamps) are popular is because they are highly effective in removing:
  • Dust
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Pollen
  • And various air contaminants
This lamp can seem to be just a large piece of salt fitted with a light bulb within it. So how is this odd-looking bulb able to achieve this?
There is a process known as hygroscopy and most people may not know about it. That is the underlying principle of this bulb.

In this process the bulb draws water molecules from its environment and absorbs them. This means foreign particles in the water molecules are also drawn into this salt crystal. When the light bulb within gets lighted, the heat from it will evaporate the moisture. While the moisture leaves the salt, all the foreign particles like pollen, dust and smoke remain stuck within the salt.
Now, you must have got a pretty good idea of why the HPS lamp can be a wonderful addition to your home!

2. Alleviating Symptoms of Allergy & Asthma

Allergy is commonly caused by the microscopic particles found in the air. These particles can include mold, mildew, dust and pet dander among others. But when an HPS lamp removes them from your room’s air, you can eliminate allergy symptoms almost entirely. Placing one or more of these lamps in your living area can also help in improving your asthma within 1-2 weeks.
Did you ever hear of HPS Inhalers? Yes, this unique benefit of Himalayan pink salt has been found to be so great for our airways that we can also find HPS Inhalers using them.

3. Get Relief from Nasty Coughing

The HPS lamp does more than the hydroscopic cycling function against airborne particles. It offers another advantage benefit too.  This additional benefit is that the lamp alters the molecules’ charge. Now the brief chemistry lesson from above will come to your aid.
Our homes are typically full of positive ions. They can be created due to several reasons, with the most abundant and concerning source being electronics. These ions are not considered great for our health.
So where do all these positive ions go? They enter our respiratory system when we breathe them in. They turn the cilia in our trachea sluggish. This means that the cilia is no longer able to work and protect our lungs from contaminants. If you don’t know what cilia means, they are the microscopic hairs along the lining of our trachea. Trachea is our windpipe.
When the HPS lamp releases clean water vapor into your environment, it also releases negative ions. These negatively charged ions enter our airways and help reverse the action of the positive ions. In other words, they help in improving cilial activity. So our lungs become clear of the contaminants.

4. Feel More Energetic

It is known that positive ions are capable of depleting your energy levels. But if you use Himalayan pink salt lamps, they help in increasing negative ion concentrations and make you feel more energetic. This is just like enjoying a shower in the morning, having a great time out on the beach, going camping in the lush green mountains, or drive down the beautiful countryside with the wind gushing in through the windows.
When we are low on energy we often take the problem to be something else. In fact, it could be just the presence of positive ions in our environment.
If that’s the case with you and you feel drained of energy all the time, just place a HPS lamp in your room.

5. Neutralizing EM Radiation

We spend most of our times using our cell phone, computer, tablets, home appliances, music system, and TV. Besides all the entertainment that these electronics give us, they also create a metaphorical ocean of electromagnetic radiation.
You may not take them seriously because EM radiations are invisible. But long-term exposure to it can cause serious effects. If you don’t want to have enhanced risk of the following health problems, you should try and avoid the exposure:
  • Increased stress levels
  • Decreased immune response
  • Chronic fatigue
But using Himalayan pink salt lamps can help you neutralize electromagnetic radiation. We already know that they release negative ions. But how to use them to neutralize EM radiations?
Place a HPS lamp near any electronic device that you us for long. This can be your TV, PC or anything else. It will help in minimizing the potential hazards for your entire family.

6. Enjoy Great Sleep

Do you know that your poor quality sleep could be due to your over-exposure to positive ions? Yes positive ions can cause that too.
These ions are capable of reducing flow of oxygen and blood to your brain. This can lead to irregular sleep patterns. A HPS lamp works as the perfect natural negative ion generator. It can help by reversing the sleep problem. All you have to do is to place 1-2 HPS lamps beside your bed and it can improve the quality of the air. And you’ll be able to enjoy great sleep.
If you are one of those who cant sleep with the light on, don’t worry. There’s no need to keep the lamp on at bedtime. You can leave it on during daytime and switch it off when you go to sleep. If you live in an area having humid climate, you should know something about this lamp. It can weep because the salt turns cool. But if you follow the use and care instructions and place a saucer to protect the surfaces, you will not have to worry.

7. Boost Your Focus & Mood

There are many more ways in which these HPS lamps can help boost your overall health. Do you want to relax after a tiring day? Do you want to boost your mood? This lamp can help you unwind like none else. They can also help in boosting your concentration. It helps you achieve all this through negative ions. These ions help boost the blood flow and supply of oxygen to the brain and organs. It also helps in improving serotonin levels, which is the neurotransmitter behind making us feel happy.

8. Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder

Do you know that there’s something common between the HPS lamps and sunshine? Yes, these lamps can not only emit negative ions for improving your mood and boosting your energy levels, they also emit soft and natural light which is just lime the warm glow from the sun. This light can help in giving you relief from seasonal affective disorder symptoms. So when you don’t get enough sunshine during the winters, you could use these lamps in your home to fight the lethargy.

9. Minimizing Static Electricity in Air

Static electricity may not sound to be something of a health hazard. But when you find that it can cause frustration, embarrassment and stress, you will get concerned. Static can zap you at moments when you never expected it. It can be felt when you kiss your spouse, when you touch the door handle, or pet your cat or dog. It can make it difficult to clean off the crumbs, the coffee grounds, or mess up your hair. If you are careless, you may even end up with a sock sticking to your shirt and may never know it.
But with the HPS lamp you can naturally neutralize those airborne ionized particles that actually cause static electricity.

10. A ‘Green’ Source of Light

It must already be clear to you that the Himalayan pink salt lamp is an Eco-friendly source of light. It is estimated that these lamps are mined from 80-600 million tons which can last almost 4 centuries. The wood used for the lamp’s base is mostly carved from woods like neem, which are sustainable. Another positive thing about these lamps is that they usually use low-wattage bulbs or even candles.
Source: Natural Living Ideas

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