Nov 15, 2015

Looking forward to 2016

Hi, my blog for years has been mostly copy and paste , just having fun adding stuff I come across on the net .But I would like to turn this blog into a more personal direction for years I have wanted to start making natural products like soap etc... So I have been researching and taking notes plus experimenting with recipes . I also like doing some craft work like painting etc...

 And I Love Love Love Gardening /Landscaping . As for this blog I will be adding more pictures and more stories of my life in and around Maple Grove Street  Oh yes (pictures) I am far from being professional I mostly photograph with my cell hope this will be ok ! maybe someday I'll get a good camera we'll see.
As I am sitting here writing this posts I am watching my neighbors raking up the last of the leaves all part of living in the southern north part of Quebec I guess! . Soon the snow will come and I will dream of spring and my yard as I am sure many people do .I live in a small town in the Eastern Townships of Quebec Canada a very beautiful area ! well at least I think so.
Have a Great Day and I will be adding more real soon
Debbie (Life on Maple Grove)

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