Benifits of Black Tea

Did you know that black tea helps to prevent cavities? Black tea has the ability to suppress odors and bad breath as well, because the compounds of black tea aid in the fight against bacterial growth.
Black tea is able to subdue the growth of bacteria in dental plaque; therefore, drinking it reduces the formation of plaque as well as diminishing the production of acids that cause the decaying of teeth, as long as there is not a lot of sugar in the tea.
People have enjoyed Black Tea for hundreds of years. Tea is one of the most favorite drinks of all time other than plain water. Actually, it is black tea, which comes to mind most often when someone mentions drinking tea.

There are other teas in the black tea family, such as orange pekoe and other types of breakfast teas.

The tea plant is actually a tree, which only grows in certain climates. They grow most often in the higher elevations of Japan, China, East Africa, India and Sri Lanka. The tea tree is an evergreen tree and it's leaves are harvested at different times during the growing season.

The different times of harvest and the method of their processing is what causes them to have different colors and flavors.

Although tea does contain caffeine the amounts of caffeine are lower than that of coffee. This lower amount of caffeine promotes the flow of blood without over stimulation of the heart, unlike coffee.

Black Tea Benefits

Black tea contains different properties, which are able to aid in the decreased risk of stroke, reduce blood cholesterol as well as cancer prevention while improving the function of the heart and the increase of bone density.

Black tea has been helpful in relieving diarrhea as it has a therapeutic effect on the intestines and the gastric system.

Many individuals who suffer from asthma use black tea to ward off asthma attacks as it helps them to breathe much easier.

Black tea may also be helpful in reducing the chances of having a stroke. In addition, it is possible to stave off the effects of the flu with the regular drinking of black tea.

So why is black tea so healthy? As with many other types of natural plant foods black tea has within it chemical makeup, a natural class of anti-oxidants, which are healthy and needed in order to keep a body going.

These anti-oxidants in tea help the body disposes of free radicals, which are either part of the natural aging process, or some form of effects from pollution that we encounter daily. Free radicals are the cause of many health problems such as cancer, stroke and heart disease.

The anti-oxidants in tea hold an abundance of healthy benefits, which is one reason it is so popular as a diet aid.

Black tea is delicious and has the ability to help you relax when the going gets rough or stressful.

It is also a great alternative to coffee for those concerned about a healthy lifestyle. You will find that black tea
not only tastes good but has many healthy benefits.

Whether you prefer your tea hot or cold, you should indulge in the simple healthy pleasure of a nice drink of black tea daily.

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