Back to Baking again!

Store bought cupcakes. Cheap and delicious.Image via WikipediaOh here I go again , a new passion well actually re-passion .
I'm into baking again mostly Cupcakes , Not the best of timing I AM SUPPOSE to be on a diet,lol .
Oh well, So now you are all warned I am obsessed for the time being anyways!  So expect to see more posts of recipes for baked goods here.Maybe even a few pictures of those I make, Hope you enjoy them my BF sure is I bet he hopes I stay hooked on this craze for a long time lol
If I gain weight it will be all of the wonderful recipes I get from FoodBuzz.fault!
Oh and the Picture is from wikipedia , not mine lol.
It's a beautiful spring day so no baking for me I'll be outside working in the yard another passion of mine.
Stay tuned for the bakegoods too bad I don't have Scratch n  Sniff.
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