Time to start collecting your evergreens (Xmas Wreaths)

Collect Your Evergreens

Evergreens can be purchased or you can use the evergreen materials from your own property. You can ask friends or neighbors for a snip of their evergreens. The folks at Christmas tree lots usually offer extra Christmas tree trimmings for free.
You can use several types of evergreen or use all the same kind for a more uniform or formal look. I prefer a natural look (some may even say a bit frowzy). A variety of material adds interest and texture. You can create a tidy look by cutting all your materials the same size and by snipping off protruding pieces.
In this wreath, I used fir, juniper, and arborvitae. Many other evergreens are attractive as well - holly, Japanese holly, cypress, japonica, pine, boxwood and variations of these.
After you've gathered your greens, cut off the bottom of each branch at an angle and soak for 24 hours in a bucket of water.  That will freshen up the foliage and make your wreath last longer.




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