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Mar 19, 2016

Understanding COPD

This is a subject very close to my heart ! and the more I read about it more I understand all it can do to harm your body not only the lungs but the muscles, the nervous system , it can cause extreme fatigue , Depression, anxiety , fear, etc.. but most of all less and less ability do do simple daily tasks.

As you may have understood by my paragraph above ! yes I have COPD , and have quit smoking then started back smoking again and again ( sigh ) but the last few months I have been feeling worst and worst so AGAIN I am quitting , very tired of suffering !

I add post here on this blog about many subjects I do hope that this one will help others to see they are not alone with the battle of quitting smoking it is very hard but if you have COPD you must quit and if you don't yet have COPD  Quit before you do believe me it is very debilitating!!! 
Please leave a comment if you need support it may help you or others I know it will help me.
Excuse any errors I may have made writing this . needed to post this like now  !
Thank You

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