Feb 10, 2013

Simplify - Eartheasy.com Solutions for Sustainable Living

This year I have many decisions to make , some will be hard but necessary.But one of the less hard will be simplify a few weeks ago I would of said it was a hard thing for me to do but as time goes on I see it won't be half as bad as I thought .
This article has many good points I hope it will help some of you to simplify your lives to .
As the year goes on when I get to where I hope to be I will write about it.
 My hardest part  of all this is really one that most of us find hard is getting our debt under control , Hard mostly because we have to convince others around us to do the same I guess? But I will find away !
 I am also planning on letting go of many of my gardens this year I spend hours and hours on them and still never feel they are right . I have heard that is a gardeners ever ending battle , Well I guess I am not a true gardener cause I feel . very overwhelmed by all the work and honestly sick of it . I do love plants and flowers but maybe just less of them ok lol.

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