Jan 20, 2012

Fresh New Start !

As the title says I am starting a fresh new start in my own life and I will be posting in the same way from now on .
I want to tell you why this decision is so important to me, first of all my health is not so good right now due from some bad habits one of which is (smoking) Now I am paying the price years and years of smoking has caused me to have COPD/Emphysema, now I realize that the damage that has been done cannot be reversed but I can stop it from getting worse !!!
Over the past few months I have been slowly quitting smoking and now I am really working hard at it no choice really.
I also have been thinking of all the different ways to get my health to be optimal!!!
Not only by quitting smoking but also by making my home and my life in general better Healthier
Oh Don't worry I am not becoming Granola! lol just more aware of my choices.
 So in turn my blog will be more reflective of these choices
 I would like to take this time to thank everyone that I see come by here regularly I really appreciate it and I also want to welcome anyone new here and I do hope you will stop by often again


  1. I absolutely love the new look of the blog. Most of all I absolutely love your attitude concerning taking charge of your health. All the best to you...always.

    1. Thanks so much Sandra.The end of the E-cig is sure glowing lately lol