Sep 3, 2011

Unable to add comments!!!

Yes like the title says I for some strange reason cannot answer the comments here  when I try it says I do not have permission to do so Very Very strange since this is my Blog lol!
I have been through the settings over and over again I just cannot figure it out!
So I would like to let everyone know that I do appreciate all the comments I receive
Hopefully it will work itself out and I can personally  answer each comment in the future


  1. Hi Deb,

    Saw your tweet regarding this. Maybe a Blogger glitch? Anyway, just know that your articles are read and enjoyed, even though I don't comment much. Once in a while something will really strike me, such as the article on emphysema, that I have to thank you for posting.

  2. Thanks Sandra
    now lets see if they will let me post this comment???

  3. lol ok if I comment as anonymous it works wierd !!!