Sep 27, 2011

Over-Wintering Geraniums

By , Guide   September 27, 2011

Geraniums are such a garden mainstay. They require very little work, during the growing season. In fact, a little neglect makes them bloom all the more. Even though there is little chance you won't be able to find new geraniums next spring, a lot of people like to over-winter their plants and save some money. There are basically 4 things to do with your geraniums when frost threatens: let them die off as annuals, bring them indoors as houseplants, take cuttings and make more plants or store them dormant until next spring.
I don't have enough light to keep them as houseplants, but I do like to store them for winter. It seems a shame to just let them die and it takes minimal effort - and I do mean minimal. I know I'll be dragging a few in this fall. If you'd like to give it a try yourself, here are four ways to store your geraniums for the winter months ahead.


  1. Great article. I always try to keep plants over winter.

  2. Thanks Sandra
    yes I do to I seem to have good luck leaving them in our garage , we heat the garage just enough so nothing freezes.