Jun 2, 2011

Changes at Touscela

Good Morning Everyone
In the past I have been adding many high sugar and high fat recipes Hmmmm!!! they are so Good I know but
since I am borderline diabetic this is not all that good for me, my understanding of this is many people are borderline or even full diabetic so for this very reason I will be more careful of the choices of recipe posts i will be adding in the future .
Of course I will always have in my sidebar FoodBuzz and FoodGawker these apps have many great recipes for you to choose from.
Also in my Blog Roll you can also find Healthy Recipes.
Have a Great Day


  1. I don't have a problem, but healthier should be my priority. It's hard when you have a husband that likes all the unhealthy stuff. So I try to cook healthy with a few 'cheat' meals. :-)

  2. Lol Yes cheats are good !!! my thoughts are my blog is suppose to be about health so I need to change my direction a little.