Apr 12, 2011

Hi! I'm a Regal Representative. I have always liked Regal because of their unique product line that you cannot find in most large department stores. Regal has a large variety of products, including "As Seen on TV" products, Personal Care, Health and Safety, Kitchen, Outdoor, Cards and Wrapping Paper, Labels, Printed products and much more!

If you would like a copy of a catalog, please contact me at ddee2@live.ca .  You can view the catalog and shop in my web store at the same time. If there is something specific you are looking for, you can search the publication tab.  You can also view the current promotions. The web store requires a credit card for payment. 

Regal has a 100% guarantee with a Return policy within 60 Days. Delivery time is 3 to 6 business days for stock items and 2 - 4 weeks for printed items.
Delivery time is normally 3 - 6 business days for stock items and 2 - 4 weeks for personalized items.  Back-ordered items usually take 1 - 3 weeks.

Shipping.  Regal will ship your order directly to you via Purolator or Canada Post.  If your order is under $100, the shipping fee will be $5 (plus tax). If your order is $100 or more, a shipping fee of 4% (plus tax) of your total order will be applied.

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