Dec 7, 2010

I'm Posting at my other Blog explanation below.

Yep back to my other blog tonight , I missed being there.
Besides after working hours trying to get the gadgets back where they belong on this blog I gave up
for some strange reason they all moved below the post area and no way can I get them to work properly.So frustrating,After months of work all gone my posts are still here but not the gadgets they show up in design but not on the blog page.
I am truly sorry for this change.
If you want go take a look at my other blog here is the link


  1. Hey Deb,

    I love this background. So sorry about the gadget complications. I've experienced frustrations with the page not cooperating as well. Looks right in design, but doesn't show up that way. You are a great blogger. Keep up your good work and interesting articles.

  2. Well Thanks Really nice to hear , You say you have had these kind of troubles to?
    I was starting to think someone was playing tricks on me I sometime's forget to log out,
    Thanks again Sandra