Nov 25, 2010

Uses for Turmeric other then Cooking

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Turmeric is an important ingredient in home remedies and herbal treatment. In ayurveda (the traditional form of medicine in India), turmeric combined with salt is used as a nasal wash to cure sinusitis. Turmeric powder or even the ashes of the burnt root are used locally to treat boils.
In India, turmeric has special significance in religious and social ceremonies. Letters such as wedding invitations are marked with a daub of turmeric. Moreover, turmeric is applied on the forehead of a new born baby to bring good luck.
Thai monks dye their robes with turmeric color, derived from drops of the juice which comes from the rhizome. Apart from being a fabric dye, turmeric is also used as a natural hair colorant.
Turmeric can be used to repel insects and termites. The oil can be used as bio-pesticide.
Though turmeric is commonly known as a culinary ingredient, it has other important functions too. It is used for skin and hair problems, coloring and home remedies. Moreover, it has social and religious significance in some countries.

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